Installation:Good collection of Install/Sample videos

Posted: June 20, 2008 in Hardware setup
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Here is a collection of good Insteon ‘how to’ videos I found on youtube.

Installing a Smart-home dimmer switch, the same applies for the ICON switches even if they are the non-dimmable one’s. The wiring is basically the same for all others.

Setting the ‘ramp’ rate – This is the speed the light will turn on/off (Which is a very neat effect, but doesn’t apply to CFL’s)

Here is a sample of what RAMP rate is 

Sample of Switches in action

These can be control from .1 second to all the way to 9 Minutes!.

How to link Switches to devices (This applies if the light you want to control isn’t on the same switch), If you have a PLC or device which is controlled by your PC (like this whole project)  you will need to do this to be able to see the commands come into the PC.  Even thought the PLC wont respond to any command its a crucial step to see the traffic and be able to decode it.  Just treat your PCL as the device you want to control.

  1. Martin Porter says:

    Wow! Man am I glad to see this site. I have been searching all day on what I need to setup a home automation system and I landed on your site. As a start, I am going to build the software, in Visual Studio 2010, to send emails when someone enters my house and when someone approaches the front or rear of the house. It is going to take some work but I think I can get it do with help of this site. Any recommendations on API help for PCL?

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