Disabling Dusk / Dawn feature in Eagle Eye motion sensor

Posted: July 12, 2008 in Hardware setup
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If you like me you really don’t need to know when its dusk and dawn, especially if your getting your sunset, sunrise information daily from the Internet.  Also the Eagle eye will transmit this on the next unit #. For example if you have it configured for A1 it will transmit dawn and dawn in A2, which is really a wasted slot in my opinion, also each x10 transceiver can catch 16 devices which are eaten up fast if you have a couple of the devices already.  Also in my case I have a motion sensor in my entrance that will fire a dusk/dawn alert each time the light goes on.

By using a small little black tape you can disable it.  Yes you can do this by the buttons but this is just another way of doing it. 🙂

The process involves opening the device so your on your own. Im not a expert so again its it to you.

1. Flip the device on its back, you don’t need to remove the batteries

2nd Unscrew all 4 of them and you will see the front cover pop-out

3rd You will see the dusk/dawn sensor right next to the motion sensor. What we will do is just put a small little black tape over it. I’ve

circled it in red.

4. this is how it looks with the tape covering it.  Make sure not to cover the sensor.

Close and your ready to go!!!


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