No more Smarthome Auctions?

Posted: August 15, 2008 in General
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Yep, its over, sadly Smart-home has decided to close their auction site?.  They claim they weren’t giving the correct buying experience.

I guess it was that they noticed they could be making more $$ for the devices via other outlets, or maybe resellers not being able to compete?

Many of their auctions started at $14. And in my case I never paid more for a Icon devices $20. (OK I admit maybe once or twice).  But now its either off their site which start at $34 and in Fee-Bay you have to keep your eye open Ive got my eye on one, I guess I will pay around $25 plus shipping, and you know how that is you don’t get the warranty as right off the site 😦

Oh well at least I was able to milk the cow for a couple of months and 90% of the devices I have.  Really what i am missing is two night lights switch (Icon’s) , (3)-inline fan relays (on/off only) and a regular switch for the laundry room since everyone was the Cat faceplate so im stuck paying that one at full price anyway.    So im not that far back.

It was good while it lasted…

so long my friend.. so long….


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