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Disclaimer, I’m not an electrician, and mainly just showing what I did, if you chose to do this you do this at your own risk, if you feel uncomfortable please have a professional install this!

Ok, here is my scenario and hopefully this can help you as well.ย  I have a ceiling fan with a lamp which can be controlled by one switch. You have a couple of options, I chose to have the wall switch control the light and the Insteon Line Linc control the fan.

Here is a picture of the Inline Linc (Pictures are for the Dimmer model, for the fans you must use the relays)

I removed the tabs since its going to hide in the Canopy. They break off really easy…

Here is a pic of my fan/light its from Hunters Bay

My fan which is a hunters bay model has four wires coming out.

Blue – hot to the lamp
white – Neutral
black – hot to the fan.
Green- ground

From the Roof I have three cables
Red – Switch
White – Neutral
Black – Hot all the time
In your case this can vary, I recommend getting a tester and testing each one, the switch/red should lose power each time you hit the switch
Black will always have power.ย  If you dont have a switch most likely you will have only black and white and a ground.ย  you can still use the instructions below only tie in the blue with black as from going to the inline linc.

Scenario 1

To control my fan only thru the wall switch I would use the following (This isn’t touching the lamp yet)

From the roof wires to the fan wires,
white with white (neutral)
red(load from switch) to black/fan
You can also put the blue/fan and the black/fan to the red from the roof to power the both from one switch.
Greens all together / ground

Scenario 2 (My case)

Here Im using the wall switch to power the lamp and a Inline Linc to power the FAN (on/off) only. No dimming.
What im doing is breaking in the ‘black/fan’ circuit to put my inline linc,ย  Sorry for the green being white

Here we go,

Part 1
All whites go together (from fan,roof, and inline linc)
The Black/roof goes to the black of the inlinelinc (To give it power)
The red/roof goes to the blue/fan to assign the switch to the lamp

Part 2

The fan black then connects to the red/inline linc and your set.
All grounds go together or where metals connect.

Check the canopy size that you can fit the linelinc before you start, in my case I had to install it above the fan housing and basically start all over.

You can see the wires from the InLine Link have a label on them

The inline Linc black with the black off the roof and the inline linc red with the black going to the fan ๐Ÿ™‚

All whites together… ๐Ÿ™‚ These are your neutrals.

Here you can see the blue (gives power to the lamp)ย  with the RED coming from the ceiling. Which is the one a switch controls,

and yes itsย  Insteon switch as well.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

All whites together…ย  Here you can also see clear the Inline Linc Red to the black of the fan
And the Inline Linc black to the black from the ceiling for power so you can see where were cutting in. ๐Ÿ™‚