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Good news, Smarthome and recent and finally put out the I/O Linc! (Or at least set for 12/22/8)

SmartHome Link

In simple terms this will be able to replace my current X10 solutions for the Garage which consist of the X10 Flash and X10 Universal controllers.  For what i’ve read you can ‘query’ the device to see if the device is open.  That’s one thing I couldn’t do with the X10 modules :(.  Sadly sometimes it wouldn’t pick up the ‘closed’ state.

From the documentation, one of the 3 modes it has is that you can send a ‘ON’ and it would determine if contacts are closed and open and vice versa!. this way you can ‘link’ it to a KeyLinc and see its ‘state’ from the keypad!
Hopefully they ship on 12/22 but with the experience of the motion sensor my bets are for 2009. Only downside is that you can only monitor/control 1 port at a time.  But for $45 that’s fine for me.   Both x10 devices on Ebay came to around $35, good news I can keep and us my existing contacts.  So $10 more for a insteon solution sounds like a deal…

The other option I was looking at, (And saving for) was the’s solutions Here
A little more pricey but you can monitor more than one input, for example rain detecion or another contact etc.

If your interest my original article which I used the x10 devices to open and monitor the garage can be found here.