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Here is my Christmas setup for 2008. No video yet but y I think you’ll be able to get the picture of what you can do with the LampLincs.  My setup as of today consist of mainly blue and white. I have a indoor tree and two outdoors.  Using 6 LampLincs and groups I can change the rate of the blue and white on all of them.

So I created groups which have various combinations of them.  Here are some pics;

Here the deer is set a 50%. This is just a couple of days before we set them up outside.

Here is a side view of the home.with the deers setup outside.  You can see the two outdoor trees with the two color setups.  The deers since they have moving parts and motors and other devices are on relays

Here you can see the indoor tree blue and the outdoor white.

Trees at 50/50 white and blue

All tree 100% Blue

I basically have two lamp lincs on each tree for a total of 6.  The Spots and the lights on the trunk are on Relay’s

I’ll include more of the outdoor setup so you can see how it is connected.

Some of the Lamp Linc’s ready to go outside.