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Finally my first Insteon Motion sensor arrived!.  The box is average size and has a pretty big label showing SkyLinc and SmartHome technologies.

Out of the box, cool white color.

The device even comes with its own 9V battery so you can start up quickly.  Linking is the done the same was a other devices.

Like most of the Insteon device it has its traditional SET button, In this case the ‘SET” button is inside the battery compartment.

Which also houses the ‘dip’ switch for fine tuning of the device.  I’ve set mine to not show the LED which is a very BIG led. (I tell you what they are for below the image)
For this reason you can see the PIN #2 is on all others are ‘off’ which are not connected or on the top.

According the the 1 page (What looks like a photocopy) the pins are used for the following

Dip Switches

1.Sensitivity, enable to reduce the sensor 33%

2.Turn of LED (It will still flash if there is a incorrect link or the device you link too has been removed.

3.Night-only mode – Only operate when dark

4.On-Only mode, so it doesn’t tell you when the device hasnt seen movement in 1 minute.

5.Not Used.

The linking was very simple, press the link button and press the link of the device you want to turn on/off.  In my case its the PLC so I can see the ON (0x11) and OFF (0x13) commands and act accordingly.    

I haven’t found any way to change the default re-transmition time which is 1 minute, so unlike the Eagle eye which transmits every 10 seconds, this will only t ransmit if the status changes for example from ON to OFF.  So this means if you have movement in the area you will only see ONE – ON command until one minute after when there is no movement. You wont get a message each minute.    Also there is no way to poll the device, but it does seem to have already hard coded its ‘address’.  So its considered a device which status changes from On for occupied to OFF to no motion detected in 1 min.

Among my findings the RANGE is great!. In my case I have 4 access points so even in the back yard the reception is great!.  The white color is a plus, fits in anywhere , this was something I never understood with the eagle eye’s. (brown) Plus includes its own mointing kit which you can swivel the device.  I used double side tape before using the screws this way I can find the best spot before making it permanent.

Here is the VB/SDM strings which come in when the sensor is activated

02 11 8C F0 00 00 01 CB 13 01 - Which is for OFF (No motion for 1 min)
02 11 8C F0 00 00 01 CB 13 01 - Which is for On (Motion)

02 11 8C F0 00 00 01 CB 11 02 - Which is for Dusk start / Dawn end (Dark for 3 Minutes)
02 11 8C F0 00 00 01 CB 13 02 - Which is for Dusk end start / Dawn Start?

More Pics

Mounting Kit not shown.

I placed my first Insteon Sensor in the top middle hallway, and covers the two corners perfectly,
I quickly removed the two eagle Eye’s I had…