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Whats up?

Posted: April 25, 2010 in General
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I know i’ve been out for a while, but im not dead!  Ive moved all my home system over to the PLM system.  For a couple of reasons.  First the PLC SDM software is no longer supported.
And many times that my program has stopped has been a cause of this.  Its still a great device and Im not planning on removing any pages related to it.

Here is a link of a excellent site to get you started sending commands to the PLM.  Has all the basics and even sample code.  I moved all my custom code following this.

So what have I been working on?
Would you believe decorations?. Im now stocking up on LampLincs for 2010.  I’m up to 30 now (This is of course not counting the one for the home). I’ve got myself a extra PLM off Ebay (2112) and another one on the way.  Even my first PLC will be used for the second phase of the home.  I’ll later go into detail, just that I wanted to show im still here. 🙂

For the 2112, go for the older ones, the new ones dont have a ‘pass-thru’ outlet. And this key to sending groups commands fast!  Hence why I ordered another one.

Also ive been stocking up on LED lights, as you may now the lamplincs have a max load of 300 watts, and with the average load of a traditional 100 bulbs string runs at around 46-64 watts you can add more lights on a single Lamplinc,  For example for this Christmas im suspecting I will need 3 Lamplincs for the icicles.

We’ll off, and thanks for all the comments, I see this blog gets hit a lot. Appreciate it!