Insteon:Setting up external contacts for mailbox notification using TriggerLinc

Posted: May 16, 2010 in General, Hardware setup
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Here is a quick breakdown of a  Insteon TriggerLinc I use for notifying me upon mail arrival using a external ‘normally open’ contact.

Components needed;

Insteon TriggerLinc goes for $34
Normal Open contact (These come in all shapes and sizes) i chose a minuature one which I spray panted black to match the color of the box.
Here is a link to a few, they run for around $2-3.   See here
Small screwdriver.
Double sided tape
Can of spray paint.

And finally the insteon device you wish to link it to (In my case I linked it to my PLM so I can then act accordingly such as notify via flash lights, email, etc.)
You really dont need a fancy Pc system for notification since you can attach this to any insteon device using the tap/tap method if you like but be aware the light will go off when it closes.  But you do need a access point to capture the signal.  In my case the closest access point is a good 100 feet!!!

As seen in the picture, The TriggerLinc comes with its own contact/magnet but you have the limitation that you need to have the base unit near by.  Good news is that the device allows you to attach external contacts like I did here.  The box opens very easily.

You can see the wires coming out from the bottom right hand side. (No special order needed)
Note: I used a rechargeable ‘Solar’ battery which hasn’t failed me yet. You can find this
at places like Home Depot under lighting section.  They run for around $7 for 4 double ‘A”s.

First I spray painted the contact to match the color of the mailbox (Flat Black)

Finished product.  🙂

Connected and ready to go. (I used double side ‘3M-picture frame’  tape which you can find at any
Walgreens or Homedepot store)

For my mailbox the device sits comfortably underneath but you can also use Velcro to hid the device if needed.

The cables I pass thru one of the small holes on the left hand side. I used glue to tape secure the cables on the side of the mailbox
then another quick spray of black paint.  🙂

Finished product.

What you will get on your side will be the traditional ON/OFF insteon commands.
In my case I have a notification sent to a PC console as well as emails sent to myself.

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