Good Insteon programs to have

A Quick list of good Insteon Programs

SmartLabs Device Manager for the PLC (USB and Serial) – Install this one first.

Contains the Windows drivers for USB / Serial devices for the PLC.

InHomeFre – INSTEON Home Control Freeware

Excellent tool for setting up new items for the PLC to recognize it, also excellent for monitoring your Insteon traffic, I used this program to capture the commands

which I eventually incorporated into my code.  The program also is great for Serial / or USB devices which can save timers, and set other device settings.
For my project I bypass them since I basically use my PC,  but for starters this is a must have. Also does the same for X10 devices and full monitoring of all the data A++’s utility

Another priceless utility, this one I used for setting up, or modifying  my groups or scenes. Another neat tool is the ability to checking on what devices are linked.  This is also used for setting up all the’s devices.

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