System Changelog

Up to 8/1/8

  • Added Icon Relay (on/off) laundry room this includes the Motion Sensor
  • Setup separate ‘Icon’ Appliance link to split the two lamps in the main room next to the bed, wife can turn on lights, turn off hers and mine if wanted. Same as me.
  • Setup back outside light, set to turn on from 9-9:30 only.
  • Set up timers to turn on specific lights for school
  • Setup Coffee Machine Timer with Icon Appliance Link
  • Re-wrote client in Flash CS3 (Action Script 2.0)
  • Setup own SMTP server to process incoming mail faster.

Below is the tracking for myself of the changes done to the system.  I wont include any code here but if your interested please drop me a line and I’ll setup a post on how I did it.

Since this is my first ‘entry’ will include most of the changes up to date.


  • SQL Database will hold all devices, config’s settings,  contacts,  voice mails, scripts, clients connecting using SQL authentication
  • Motion detectors in Den, Master Bathroom,  will activate only after Sunset and before Sunrise.
  • After house is been set as ‘End of day’ and movement in Den will poll the weather and speak it, for zip codes 34758,32380
  • Internal Website will grab text file from Main server at Sunrise for home page settings.
  • Motion sensor for outside bathroom will only turn on light at movement. Will not turn off.
  • Master Bedroom alarm will only work M-F.  Ever other days at sunrise night lights will turn off.
  • Setup X10 key-chain to turn on / off entrance lights only.
  • Clients are now setup to check network availability before polling sql server. (Prevented various crashes when computer was in standby)
  • Caller ID module is now a separate program looking at port 81, insteon client was moved to port 82.
  • Communication from the client tot he master server s now done using http using custom text commands.
  • Outside decorations set to their own timer.  Start time will be computed to 4 minutes after Sunset
  • Weather information now polled from


  • If no motion is detected in Den when sendtext is called it will set the volume to 100 regarding of what was used to call the function.


  • Since I have my computer provding weather information as well as status of devices, I added in one of the inexpensive freewire dimmers to the speakers. This way I turn if off at the end of day
  • Below is a picture of the item, it cost me $3 on ebay.  It turn it off at the end of day or when the DEN has no movement after 5 min.

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