Samples Screen – July 2008 (Flash Screens)

My Insteon / Flash Baby is born

After working over the weekend determined to learn flash CS3, below are some of my first screens.

I’ve kept the animation down to a minimum in order to get the main screens up, no sounds.
I’ll later post some flash code as well as how it interface with the server end.

For my graphics I used Corel’s (Previously Nova development) to create the individual graphics.  Flash CS3
Action Script 2.0.

The screen look very pretty but as for functionality does very very little, for example I still haven’t got to read data
off my SQL server such as movement etc.  Just turns on and off devices.

The weather icon and temperature is updated each hour.

This is what I had to look at for a couple of hours

I first started with a blank canvas and created all the object over it.  Here is background.

The Main Screen (I have it open in a pop-up fixed window) . Weather images are live, and in .PNG format
which allow me to place them on top of the canvas, much better than .gif.

The ‘Rooms’ option

The common Areas sub-menu

A Rooms sub menu.   (These items fade in)

My Scenes Menu

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