Sample Screens – Jan 2009

We’ll its been a while that I’ve posted screen shots so here are the latest and greatest of a Master PC. Below are the archives if your interested

For 2009 I’ve combined the two in a sort of way.  The main ‘client’ program (VB2008) uses the Tab Control and inside a couple of them I call my Flash screens.  (No need to re-invent the wheel right..)

* You can click on them for a larger image of them


“Overview” Screen

Has a quick view of all devices which are on in Yellow and no borders for  ‘OFF’  devices.  Devices which are off are left empty so I don’t clutter the screen.  its refreshed every 2 seconds.

You’ll see on the left I left room for quick shortcuts such as ‘end of day’, ‘start of day’ phone-book and others.  Plus at the bottom left you can see the last caller.

“Girls Room”Screen

Another tab with couple of buttons and my Main Flash page inside.

Bump Light feature actually turns off the lights and on 3 times.  Very annoying im told. But it gets their attention.

Wake up Clients feature will talk to client on the PC and play a specific Mp3 of their choice, turn on the lights etc.  but they have found a way to mute their PC’s before they go to bed… tricky,tricky…

“Alarms” Screen

Keeper of all wake up alarms, coffee machine.  Since each ‘personal’ alarm will only fire Monday thru Friday, I Also put a quick button for those holidays which will kill them with one click

“Outside” Screen

Keeper of all timer related to Sunset for example Garage turn on, entrance, flood lights, and back lights.  Each customizable using the Sunset time as a base. People must think I turn on the entrance first and then later turn on the garage lights after but its actually the computer doing it for me.  Remember that my time is synced each morning. 🙂

Still haven’t cleaned up the ‘decorations’ settings…

“Kitchen Timer” Screen

Just a little something, have the computer countdown and flash any preferred lights when it hits 0. No biggie…

“Music Screen” Screen

Ability to turn on music to the main server as well as local PC.  Nothing fancy steams music from free music sites as well as my server from Media Monkey software which the DB is in access.

“Vonage Screen”

Since I have Vonage at home and I have three handsets off of one wireless base.  when I have a voice mail all phones have the ‘Voice mail waiting” display on them, and I dont know where each phone is from. So right off this screen it will logon for you and direct you to the VoiceMail page to listen, or delete messages.    This was a real treat to work since it actually uses the DCOM object to send commands, no SendKeys’ or mouse pointer commands here.  (I show how I did that on another post.)

Here is is on its second screen after login automatically for me…

“Systems Screen”

Just some basic settings, for example check out the system log. Reset my VoIP Gateway with a ApplianceLinc.  Even setup the Fans to turn off or on depending on the outside temperature which is checked each hour.

“Weather Screen”

From here the webobject shows various options of such as Daily, 7 days and others, below is the current radar.

Top part of the screen remains static with the current temperature info.


My Phone book feature allows me to search my contacts by typing parts of the name.

“Last Called Log”

Show me the last callers to my home phone.  From here I can delete and scroll among them.  Best part is for people who are unknown the system once it has the number it will search the internet to see if its a spammer and notify me as well thru a email.

We’ll thats it for now… i’ll keep you post on how the progress goes…

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