Sample Screens (Server) November 2008

Boy does time pass fast!.  On the server side i’ve moved around many of the screens and found out that many of the stuff wasn’t needed.  This is the server and really not much updating is necessary.

First I created tabs on the main screen.  And broke down the items into sections.

Second, I removed many of the ‘config’ display fields.  I used a Table adapter to show all the ‘config’ database. Just modify if it directly there.

Third, made the screen smaller, no more full screen, not needed.

Below are the pics

Main Screen / Log File

Here is the second tab, which holds all the ‘configuration’ settings.  Also by the table adapter I can filter on the name.

Configuration Tab

Here is the sensors TAB, show each sensor status, The one’s which are running are in blue.


The decorations TAB, changed a lot since I basically ripped out all the module and created a separate program.  Also from here are quick buttons to test ‘groups’

In my case all decorations group start at 0x22.  The randomizer button actually starts a separate program. Which I should include soon. 🙂

Media / Decorations

Here is the Alarms / Modem / Email screen.  Since  I consolidated all screens into one, now the Caller ID screen is included on the server. You can see the first command it

sends is the enabling of the Caller ID (#CID=1)

Alarms / Modem / Email

New Maintenance Screen

Also as seen on the toll bar on the left I created a new button called ‘Maitenence’ which allows me to go directly into my ‘DEVICES’ database. Here is the new screen shot.

Right off the tableadapter I can filter by name so I see only the ones I want to see.  I sort them by area – function. For example Outdoor – Garage, Outdoor – flood lights.

Close up of the Maintenance screen. From here I can create links (Not Delete them – or at least yet), test groups, quick dim, turn on off, % of on etc And below I have a duplicate of the system log.


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