Samples Screen – May 2008

Current screens – May 2008

Here are some sample screens of the finished program as of May 2008, But you know how this is, its always changing.

The Server’s console screen

Sample of the Client software

Right click options on Tray icon so you can quickly jump to the room or screen your looking for.

Kitchen View

Full house overview tab / Some images change depending on the status, for example the Garage when open will display a open garage image and the frame will be in RED.

Sample of the Outside. Not the entrance will always turn on 5 minutes before the Garage, and the garage will turn on 25 minutes after sunset.

Some Hardware Pictures

Garage door opener with Flash module to monitor Garage opener with separate contacts.
Universal module to remotely open the garage door.
And a X10 Transceiver which allows for better reception when outside.

Backside of Garage door opener & connections, luckly the house when installed they used CAT 5 so it was a matter of using the existing cabling for the contact closers, yes its a little messy 🙂

Garage contact closure module (Still not drilled down) , I bought this at Smarthome, direct link here

Contact on Garage door opener.


SwitchLinc, Icon On/Off Relay and Eagle Eye motion Sensor

Closeup of 2 Icon On/Off Relay and one Dimmer (Both are the same)

Kitchen Out, Non-Decora style SwitchLinc used for Kitchen Sink, don’t be fooled that switch does variable ramp rates, onlevel etc.

A couple of SwitchLincs, Icon, and regular. You can see they fit in very well.

Another shot of the Icon Applicance link, this one only turns on and off (No dimming) perfect for appliances. This one turn on and off my computer speakers when no one is present in the DEN.

As you can see they are all numbered into a master database this way I dont have to # the address.

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