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In a house that has 6 computers (so far), I’m asked all the time what do I use to control internet junk like porn, spyware on kids computer and more.

On the internet side there is a free system that I use is called openDNS. This system inserts itself into your network by pointing all internet request to their systems which then provide you the ability to block by category, sites and many many more other functions.

They have a couple of range of services from free all the way to premium for a very low yearly price.

How it works?

Not getting to much into details, when you have a home network all devices need to go out a router, in this case many of us have a “Linksys”,”D-link”,”Belken etc”,  and any other device which allows you to ‘share’  the internet (Cable modem, DSL etc.) connection wirelessly of via physical cable.

One of the task of this device is to provide DNS (Domain Name Services) so each time you type in a address like ‘’ the DNS (Domain name service) converts the name into the IP Address (example: the browser understands and off it goes!    So with some minor configuration you can point your network DNS server to theirs and your set, you are now blocking your whole home from one location, no need to install individual programs on each computer. 🙂

Note: Unless you are obsessed with ‘one’ more company knowing your IP address don’t read on.  Since they will automatically tie your IP to your profile.

Once you setup your account, you can manage which sites to allow and which ones to always block, by level and more.
Btw: I’ve had this service for the last 3 years.

Below is a list of the types of modems/routers available and how to set them up.

Just thought I’d post this little tidbit.  When using Flash/action script to call the infamous ‘Loadvariables’ functions I have found that some browsers like IE like to grab cached results, for some reason it worked fine in Firefox but if you try to embedded IE in your programs you will run into the same problems.

In my case I call the same function and the server side takes care of the action.  And if your like me you may be calling the same page more than once quickly.  This issue got me for days, and worked on some computers and other didn’t.

So when calling your pages just add a fictional variable not used by your pages, I called my cache_buster and add ‘date’ and ‘time’  to get a 8-15 character number that should be unique, tricking the browser you are looking for a unique page and not grab from cache

loadVariables(""+new Date().getTime(), this);