Photo Gallery

Here is photo gallery of my Insteon, X10, PC Project
Click on them should open in bigger picture.

2 Icon Dimmer Switches, a regular switch and a SwitchLinc. All happy.

Icon on/Off (My #27) and the Eye motion sensor in the back

3 Wires for the SwitchLincs (Right out of the box)

Front Image of SwitchLinc

X10 Universal Module (Used to close contacts like Garage door openers)

Cables from Universal Module to Garage door opener

A Icon Dimmer Switch (Icon Relays look exactly the same)

SwitchLinc Dimmer, Icon On/Off and Eagle Eye Motion Sensor

Switch Link (On) and Icon (On/Off – Lit is Off)

L to right( Icon, SwitchLinc Dimmer, regular, and SwitchLinc Dimmer)

Kitchen GFCI Outlet, 1 SwitchLinc(Traditional style) and regular switch

Same outlet with the Icon Appliance link installed.

X10 Entrace/Garage Remote (Backside)

Garage Contact Kit

BedSide ControlLinc

LiftMaster, Motion Sensors Parking Assistant’s (His and Hers)

  1. Rohit Sharma says:


    I have developed a software using C++ code to control 8 devices through LPT port. This software has the facility to set 5 device on automatic timer to on/off and option to Off all the devices at once.

    I have a plan to convert this software into .Net and changing the port to USB port but I am not getting enough time to work on it. Do you think It has any future?

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