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If your like me who use Firefox on a daily basis most of your browsing.  You know it can be frustrating when you hit a Internal Sharepoint servers or a box which assumes your running IE and depends on NTLM, In our case as you know each time it will ask for your domain user-name / password.  We’ll Firefox does have NTLM just that you need to configure it which is really specify the boxes you will connect to.  Hey its not fully automatic but in my case works like a charm since I don’t connect to 1000 Sharepoint boxes.

NTLM stands for NT Lan Manager, but not the ol’ Lan manager software but instead Microsoft’s authentication protocol.    (These changes are done at your own risk)

Here we go, First launch Firefox and enter in the URL; about:config

This will expose all Firefox’s system settings

From there it will provide a long list of settings, on the ‘search’ bar type NTLM, you will see 3 entries, were just interested in one.

Double click on network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris

From there you will enter the DNS name of your Server, in this case a Sharepoint server, since I only have one server Im suspecting you can enter more than one with a comma.

And presto, close firefox and re-open…