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As promised here are some new screen shots of the Client.  Its totally revamped and I think in a cleaner format.  Its a combination of VB2008 / Flash Action Script 2.0

Sample Screens – Jan 2009

Comments and feedback is appreciated!

Lets say your like me and you wish to check the status of the contact on your garage.    But notice that regular polls only return the device itself not the status of the contact.

For example maybe at a given time you want to make sure the contact is closed.  Here is how

I’m going to use as reference the original articles of getting “Insteon to talking to your PC found below” Part #1,#2,

This is using VB .NET and assuming you already have some experience with the SDM/PLC commands.

For the Sensor Poll We are going to use the command #19 and a second command of ’01 to query the device.  For example

For this example Lets say for example my plc is AA.BB.CC
My I/O Linc is : 11.22.33


So in VB polling the device using the SDM would be like this,

sm.SendINSTEONRaw(”AA BB CC 11 22 33 05 19 01″, 3)

In return you will get the following bytes, notice the change in the last digit.
If the garage is closed (Contact closed)
 - 04 11 22 33 AA BB CC 25 03 01 

If the garage is closed (Contact OPEN)
 - 04 11 22 33 AA BB CC 25 03 00

If you get FF,FE or other numbers make sure you are using the last 01 on your command #19 as this will give you the state of the device which isnt the contact status.



Hurray, My I/O linc arrived on Saturday 10th!!!

The good news is that its setup and in place.  Setup was a breeze since I’m literally replacing two X10 products for one.  I love it!

So the wiring is the same

Here is my Garage contact I purchased separately before, now as part as a kit.


Since the top part is so light I ended up using Velcro so I didn’t need to drill holes.

Now the I/O Link

Here are the official instructions

As for the hook-up its very straight forward and the on-line manual has a very good description of this.  My recommendation is use the individual strands of a CAT 5 cable, they fit perfect.

Here i’ve connected in my garage door sensor. (Click to magnify) – Green cables

Below I’ve connected my ‘momentary’ switch to the back of the garage opener. (You do have to setup your I/O linc to do the momentary relay before which is the “C” setup).

This is done by pressing the ‘SET” button 3 times x 3 times for a total of 9 times. Double check on-line just to be sure.

Orange is my Open/Close wires to the Garage and the green are my sensors

Here is the box setup next to the Garage opener.  Since there is no space for the I/O linc I had to set it up next to the opener.  Plus I didn’t want to put it flush with the device since it vibrates a lot.

Now each time the device Open’s I get the “11 FF” message and when it closes the “13 FF” message. But i still haven’t figured out
how to read the sensor yet.  Once I get those details I’ll post part 2.

Here is how the linking process works.  It’s done both ways (like a 3-way switch)

* If you want to monitor the garage  status AND use a keylink button you NEED to link then both ways,

1.First open your garage door.

2.Starting linking your I/O link to the KeyLink Key or switch have the switch control your garage then Link Keylink key and then then I/O.

4. This way when you press the key it open/closes as well as the button lights up when you open the door and close it. 🙂

Here are the official instructions

Good news, Smarthome and recent and finally put out the I/O Linc! (Or at least set for 12/22/8)

SmartHome Link

In simple terms this will be able to replace my current X10 solutions for the Garage which consist of the X10 Flash and X10 Universal controllers.  For what i’ve read you can ‘query’ the device to see if the device is open.  That’s one thing I couldn’t do with the X10 modules :(.  Sadly sometimes it wouldn’t pick up the ‘closed’ state.

From the documentation, one of the 3 modes it has is that you can send a ‘ON’ and it would determine if contacts are closed and open and vice versa!. this way you can ‘link’ it to a KeyLinc and see its ‘state’ from the keypad!
Hopefully they ship on 12/22 but with the experience of the motion sensor my bets are for 2009. Only downside is that you can only monitor/control 1 port at a time.  But for $45 that’s fine for me.   Both x10 devices on Ebay came to around $35, good news I can keep and us my existing contacts.  So $10 more for a insteon solution sounds like a deal…

The other option I was looking at, (And saving for) was the’s solutions Here
A little more pricey but you can monitor more than one input, for example rain detecion or another contact etc.

If your interest my original article which I used the x10 devices to open and monitor the garage can be found here.