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Well 2009 is here, hope it brings you all good things.  This years proves to be exiting for me since i’m now fine tuning the system.  What I mean by that is that now all switches are Insteon and I can get to nitty gritty to getting the little details done.

Tomorrow (Fingers crossed) the 6th Smart Home should be shipping my I/O Linc to replace my current Garage setup.  The current one works fine but many times may fail to report that its closed.  One thing for sure X10 devices suck up Insteon commands and vice/ versa.   For Christmas I got myself a Outlet Linc to replace the Appliance Linc I was using the for coffee Machine.  That device is worth every $.  ($45)  Not only does it look better it fits perfectly into any decora face plate.  Here is the before and after pics.



The top outlet is controlled by Insteon and the bottom one is always on. Perfect!  It even has a button below the top outlet to turn this on and off at will.  Besides here I dont think I can find any other place install one.  But who knows!

I’ve also purchased a additional Access Point for the outside setup which only strengthens the network inside now that Christmas is over . There are some black spots in my home so a extra access point or two doesn’t hurt.  I do admit as I have added in devices its hardly that the devices don’t respond.

My Task  for 2009

1. Garage switch to Insteon from X10

2. Remove X10 transceivers and install ONE directly into the serial port (Take off those Insteon signal suckers)

3. Revamp the Insteon Client

4. Show how purchase the Insteon Thermostat.  (I suspect a bit of the Tax return for this.)