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Here is a quick way that I reuse some of my lighting equipment depending on the season using individual components.   For example right now unless you order via the internet you can not find a good purple spot light.  And what I’ve experienced here in our FL weather many times your spot spike can rust and your investment is gone.

Also many of the spots are 100Watts which are real energy suckers and not to mention can get very hot.
So doing some searching and testing here is what I do.

Using a standard spike spot and cheap Daylight CFL bulbs, covered by a aluminum reflector and top it off with a colored lens. 🙂  Simple right?

Disclaimer: I am not a electrician and I only provide this info for entertainment, anything you do is at your own risk.

Here is the list
Light spike, Home Depot, and Lowe’s  and anywhere during holiday season  – $5-7
PAR 38 Spot aluminum reflector $4.25 each  *
1 PAR 36 Lens Cover you can get these at  $1.95
1 G/E Daylight 14 Watt bulb – (Walmart) 2 x $5  (Needs to be daylight not cool, bright or any other will not show the true color of the color lens)

Green Spray Paint.  To cover the outside of the reflector to hide its appearance.

* Note:You may spend a little up front for shipping ($5-7) but once you have your items you can reuse them over and over.  Only part which may need replacing would be the bulb
or the spike which you can find at any hardware store.
* Also the size o the  aluminum reflector that fits perfect is the one shown above, the site has many others but many dont fit (Trust me)
* Due to the size of the CFL’s, when building you may need to put lens last.

Very low power usage when using CFL’s.  For one traditional 100 Watts bulb you can use 6 of these spots. A++
Doesnt get very hot A++
Interchangeable parts, bulb goes out, swap the bulb and your set.  The spike/reflector/lens you can use over and over.
You‘ control the intensity adding the desired wattage bulbs.  If you lights are computer controlled you can even control dimmable CFL’s.

For me only one really, No really designed for outdoor use, I used clear shipping tape to secure the top lens and has worked fine so far from water getting in, of course I don’t turn on any decorations or lights if its raining.

Do a search for the following items in Amazon and pick your colors!

PAR 36 Red Plastic Lens
PAR 36 Yellow Plastic Lens
PAR 36 Amber Plastic Lens
PAR 36 Purple Plastic Lens
PAR 36 Blue Plastic Lens
PAR 36 Light Green Plastic Lens
PAR 36 Dark Green Plastic Lens

Here are some pics of the finished setup

Finished product with the outside of the reflector painted green.

Blue – Always perfect for Halloween cemetery




AMBER (Mix between Yellow and Orange another Halloween favorite)

Sorry forgot to take the pic of the Green one… 😦  Enjoy!