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Here are my screens so far.  As you can see there is now text that is dynamically populated.
I picked a relative small window, in this case 574.1 x 430.05 and work everthing in that, cleaner and simple.

The Jukebox function basically tells my server to open a HTML page and play a radio URL.
you can find that article here Software:Play WAV,MP3 and Playlists, from your program.

Master Bedroom Screen, I’ve added little dots next to the devices to see if there on or off.
I show how I did this in the next article.

Here I’ve also populated the bottom of the Den,Hallway with the motion sensor data, this way
you can see when there was last activity, also the bulbs show the light status.

Yep, the notification screen, its the only way to unglue them from their PC’s
I wonder where they got it from.  That is done

The Special Features menu.  Also populate the information for the Garage Motion sensors and last time it was opened.