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Posted: April 25, 2010 in General
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I know i’ve been out for a while, but im not dead!  Ive moved all my home system over to the PLM system.  For a couple of reasons.  First the PLC SDM software is no longer supported.
And many times that my program has stopped has been a cause of this.  Its still a great device and Im not planning on removing any pages related to it.

Here is a link of a excellent site to get you started sending commands to the PLM.  Has all the basics and even sample code.  I moved all my custom code following this.

So what have I been working on?
Would you believe decorations?. Im now stocking up on LampLincs for 2010.  I’m up to 30 now (This is of course not counting the one for the home). I’ve got myself a extra PLM off Ebay (2112) and another one on the way.  Even my first PLC will be used for the second phase of the home.  I’ll later go into detail, just that I wanted to show im still here. 🙂

For the 2112, go for the older ones, the new ones dont have a ‘pass-thru’ outlet. And this key to sending groups commands fast!  Hence why I ordered another one.

Also ive been stocking up on LED lights, as you may now the lamplincs have a max load of 300 watts, and with the average load of a traditional 100 bulbs string runs at around 46-64 watts you can add more lights on a single Lamplinc,  For example for this Christmas im suspecting I will need 3 Lamplincs for the icicles.

We’ll off, and thanks for all the comments, I see this blog gets hit a lot. Appreciate it!

We’ll after receiving back some of my hard earned money thru 2008. I shelved out the $159 for the Insteon T1700 thermostat.
It can be found here.

The device is quite small, which is fine and thinner that my orginary Honeywell one which was a real plus.  To install was also very simple.
And technical support was awesome!!!  Who expects to call a company and receive a live person and be able to troubleshoot on the phone in less that 3 min.  And to top it off the rep even called me back since he had to leave. At the end it was a simple dip switch due to my model.  So if after you install it and when you turn on cool and heat comes out and vice-versa, just turn on dip switch two and your set!  Thats Again Mike from Venstar!!!!

The only thing would be the ‘light’ on the side of the Insteon module.  so in dark areas it does stand out.
Like mentioned above the device is very small and the insteon module even smaller.
For example check out the image in comparison to my hand

Setting Mode, Getting Temperature of Thermostat

Ok, enough Pictures and talk, lets see how to control this device.

First forget about sending ON/OFF commands, for me they didnt work, nor did they do anything.  What we will be using is the 0x02 command instead of 0x11 for on or 0x13 for OFF.  What I has able to find was the higher numbers after that worked. I’ll show you what

Ive got and show examples after.  In my case I couldnt send request using the regular PLC commands so I ended using the low level calls using the sendhex function, that article can be found here

More ways to speak to your Insteon Devices

For the examples my PLC is # “0D 51 32” and my Thermostat is “01 02 03“.

0x6b – Bit 2 – Get Thermostat Mode (Returned is 00=off,01=Heat,02=Cool,03=Auto,04=Fan)


	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 02"	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command

	'You should get the reponse on the Last Bit of your reponse.  For example
	04 01 02 03 0D 51 32 26 6B 02

	So in this case 0x02 Means the device is on COOL.

0x6b – Bit 3 – Get Temperature (Returned is the temperature, you convert to decimal and divide by two)

	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 03")
	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command
	'You should get the reponse on the Last Bit of your reponse.  For example
	04 01 02 03 0D 51 32 26 6B 9A 
	So in this case 0x9A Converted to decimal is 154 divide
        that by two and you get 77 degrees!!

0x6b - Bit 4 - Set to Heat

Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 04")

Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command

0x6b - Bit 5 - Set to Cool

Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 05")

Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command
0x6b – Bit 6 – Set to Auto (To switch automatically from Cool to Heat depending on your settings)

	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 06")
	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command

0x6b – Bit 7 – Fan on

	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 07")
	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command

0x6b – Bit 8 – Fan off

	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 08")
	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command

0x6b – Bit 9 – All Off

	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6B 09")
	Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F") ' Execute my command

Setting the Cool / Heat Thermostat Temperature

Here insteon of 0x6B we will be using the 0x6C for Cool and 0x6D for HEAT.  So lets say you’ve set your device to Cool and want to lower it to 75 Degrees.  Just like when we read the temperature, when we set it we need to multiply the requested value * 2 and convert it to HEX.  In the sample below the variable Set_Temp holds what we want it to.  The next statement converts it to HEX and *2 and presto!

'This is the temperature we want to set Cool to!
Dim Temp As String = Hex(Set_Temp * 2)
Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6C " + Temp)
Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F")

'This is the temperature we want to set heat to!
Dim Temp As String = Hex(Set_Temp * 2)
Sm.SendPLCHex("02 40 01 A1 00 09 FD 9B 0D 51 32 01 02 03 05 6D " + Temp)
Sm.SendPLCHex("02 46 01 42 10 9F")

Hope this works for you and its working great for me.  Each hour I poll the temperature and as part of that routine I poll my thermostat to keey the information up to date. I’ll post more as I find out!

Good news, Smarthome and recent and finally put out the I/O Linc! (Or at least set for 12/22/8)

SmartHome Link

In simple terms this will be able to replace my current X10 solutions for the Garage which consist of the X10 Flash and X10 Universal controllers.  For what i’ve read you can ‘query’ the device to see if the device is open.  That’s one thing I couldn’t do with the X10 modules :(.  Sadly sometimes it wouldn’t pick up the ‘closed’ state.

From the documentation, one of the 3 modes it has is that you can send a ‘ON’ and it would determine if contacts are closed and open and vice versa!. this way you can ‘link’ it to a KeyLinc and see its ‘state’ from the keypad!
Hopefully they ship on 12/22 but with the experience of the motion sensor my bets are for 2009. Only downside is that you can only monitor/control 1 port at a time.  But for $45 that’s fine for me.   Both x10 devices on Ebay came to around $35, good news I can keep and us my existing contacts.  So $10 more for a insteon solution sounds like a deal…

The other option I was looking at, (And saving for) was the’s solutions Here
A little more pricey but you can monitor more than one input, for example rain detecion or another contact etc.

If your interest my original article which I used the x10 devices to open and monitor the garage can be found here.

Disclaimer, I’m not an electrician, and mainly just showing what I did, if you chose to do this you do this at your own risk, if you feel uncomfortable please have a professional install this!

Ok, here is my scenario and hopefully this can help you as well.  I have a ceiling fan with a lamp which can be controlled by one switch. You have a couple of options, I chose to have the wall switch control the light and the Insteon Line Linc control the fan.

Here is a picture of the Inline Linc (Pictures are for the Dimmer model, for the fans you must use the relays)

I removed the tabs since its going to hide in the Canopy. They break off really easy…

Here is a pic of my fan/light its from Hunters Bay

My fan which is a hunters bay model has four wires coming out.

Blue – hot to the lamp
white – Neutral
black – hot to the fan.
Green- ground

From the Roof I have three cables
Red – Switch
White – Neutral
Black – Hot all the time
In your case this can vary, I recommend getting a tester and testing each one, the switch/red should lose power each time you hit the switch
Black will always have power.  If you dont have a switch most likely you will have only black and white and a ground.  you can still use the instructions below only tie in the blue with black as from going to the inline linc.

Scenario 1

To control my fan only thru the wall switch I would use the following (This isn’t touching the lamp yet)

From the roof wires to the fan wires,
white with white (neutral)
red(load from switch) to black/fan
You can also put the blue/fan and the black/fan to the red from the roof to power the both from one switch.
Greens all together / ground

Scenario 2 (My case)

Here Im using the wall switch to power the lamp and a Inline Linc to power the FAN (on/off) only. No dimming.
What im doing is breaking in the ‘black/fan’ circuit to put my inline linc,  Sorry for the green being white

Here we go,

Part 1
All whites go together (from fan,roof, and inline linc)
The Black/roof goes to the black of the inlinelinc (To give it power)
The red/roof goes to the blue/fan to assign the switch to the lamp

Part 2

The fan black then connects to the red/inline linc and your set.
All grounds go together or where metals connect.

Check the canopy size that you can fit the linelinc before you start, in my case I had to install it above the fan housing and basically start all over.

You can see the wires from the InLine Link have a label on them

The inline Linc black with the black off the roof and the inline linc red with the black going to the fan 🙂

All whites together… 🙂 These are your neutrals.

Here you can see the blue (gives power to the lamp)  with the RED coming from the ceiling. Which is the one a switch controls,

and yes its  Insteon switch as well.  🙂

All whites together…  Here you can also see clear the Inline Linc Red to the black of the fan
And the Inline Linc black to the black from the ceiling for power so you can see where were cutting in. 🙂

Insteon’s SDM COM object is great for having a preset commands at your disposal but ive ran into issues where I dont want the program to wait for the ACK.  (In this case it will pause for the response), this can be a problem in very large environment, especially if your poll all devices at a certain time.  In my case I like to poll all the devices at least twice a day.

If this is the first article you ready please check out the articles below on how to get started.

Software: Get Insteon / Talking to your PC – Part 1

Software: Get Insteon / Talking to your PC – Part 2

For example

The SDM quick command is sm.GetOnLevelText “11.22.BB”

We will be using the InsteonRaw command Hex #19 like this
sm.SendINSTEONRaw(”00 00 00 11 22 BB 05
19 00″, 3)

Here is a debug of what is sent and what is received. I am polling device (0A.FE.3E) from my PLC (0D.51.32)

8/24/2008 11:38:32 AM sentinsteon=0D 51 32 0A FE 3E 05 19 00
8/24/2008 11:38:33 AM receiveinsteonraw=04 0A FE 3E 0D 51 32 21 00 00

Insteon responds in the same but with the device being queried first

0A FE 3E= Device responding.

OD 51 31 = My PLC, the desitation receiving the response

21 = Is a incremental # which can change among #21-2B, so you have to look for it.

00 = Some type of marker – Changes also

00 = Our value in hex, from 00= OFF to FF = Full all and everything in between

Here is another debug trace of a device query which is on;

8/24/2008 11:43:33 AM sentinsteon=0D 51 32 08 6B 57 05 19 00 (My requesting of status of the device calling command #19)
8/24/2008 11:43:34 AM receiveinsteonraw=04 08 6B 57 0D 51 32 26 1A FF (This one is reporting back as ON!)

Note: What is very tricky of this is that don’t always thing FF is on, I some icon dimmers that on can be ‘FE’, as a rule of thumb anything NOT 00 is consider for me as ‘ON’

Again all these codes are show in “Software: Get Insteon / Talking to your PC – Part 2“. I’ve copied the code from part #1 which will allow us to act upon the events of the SDM when text arrives back

'------- First we setup the SDM object in our code
Class  MainMenu
Friend WithEvents Sm As SDM3Server.SDM3

'-- When I load my mainmenu even I have the following

Public Sub MainMenu_Load(...... )
  Sm =New SDM3Server.SDM3
    MsgBox("SDM NOT LOADED try AGAIN")
 End Try
End Sub

Here is the TEXT event that I use for the whole program to break down and read the strings returned to me.

Public Sub sm_OnText(ByVal strInsteonStatus As String) Handles Sm.OnText

var = Split(strInsteonStatus, "=")
Select Case LCase(var(0))

	Case "setonleveltext"
		data = Split(var(1), ",")
		device = data(0)
		value = data(1)

	Case "receiveinsteonraw"
		data = var(1)
		bytes = Split(data," ")
		If LBound(bytes) = 0 And UBound(bytes) = 9 Then
			AddrFrom = bytes(1) & bytes(2) & bytes(3)
			AddrTo = bytes(4) & bytes(5) & bytes(6)
			Flags = bytes(7)
			Command1 = bytes(8)
			Command2 = bytes(9)
			End If

                    If flags = "21" or flags = "24" Or flags = "25" Or flags = "26" Or flags = "2B" Or flags = "22" Or flags = "23" Then
                        If Cmd2 <> "00" Then Msgbox "DEVICE IS ON!!"
                        If Cmd2  = "00" Then Msgbox "Device is OFF!"
                    End If
		End If
	Case Else

End Select

For email coming in and out, I use MS outlook, which makes interfacing with VB very easy.  But if you have configured the outlook client not using exchange, you know that you must specify the time in minutes it will poll to check for email.  Lets say you want to force it to check for new-email at your will.  Well this is how its done, but for this to work you must have the outlook client open.

If you havent please jump this article which shows how to setup your references and other goodies prior to this.

Software:Controlling Insteon devices using an email account

Back here so soon, great!

What are are doing is calling the Microsoft core command bar of the application itself and ‘press’ the button we want to execute, in this case

Were creating instances of the Controls, Tools – > Send/Receive and the account we want to poll. And I don’t have to wait for the application to hit its internal timer.
Sure you can let the timer run but in my case I have my MX records pointing home and host my own pop3 server, so once I get email I notify my server program (In another article soon) to force a scan of my email and act accordingly.  This makes the response to my emails lighting fast.!

So here’s the code,

Function ForceEmailcheck() as boolean

        '------------ Set up the Variables / Objects
        Dim oCtl As Microsoft.Office.Core.CommandBarControl
        Dim oPop As Microsoft.Office.Core.CommandBarPopup
        Dim oCB As Microsoft.Office.Core.CommandBar

        'Use the Send/Receive on All Accounts action in the Tools
        'menu to send the items from the Outbox, and receive new items for my specific account
        oCB = objOutlook.ActiveExplorer.CommandBars("Menu Bar")
        oPop = oCB.Controls("Tools")
        oPop = oPop.Controls("Send/Receive")
        oCtl = oPop.Controls.Item(6)   '----- Please see below why this is a #6 (*)

        '------ return something but not needed to work
        ForceEmailCheck = True
    End Function

* Since your this calls the name of the account itself for example ( you will need to use that name for this to work, so I ended up using the item # and its easier.
The way to find this out is after you have set up your outlook, copy the above code in your VB and

set a break point at "oPop = oPop.Controls("Send/Receive")"

Then from your ‘Immediate window’ in VB do a query of the item of that control to see where your ‘send/receive’ for your specific account is, (Most likely #6 also)

?oPop.Controls.Item(4)... etc...

Until you find the item you wish to ‘press’ and then insert the # above.    That is how I found the item I was looking for was #6.

And your Set!!


As previously mentioned my main program depends 100% off a SQL database, below is a dump of my “Configuration” database, that holds all the system settings.
Many are loaded into memory the first time, or when I run PollDevices query this way the information is updated when needed.  I know its a lot of information but maybe a developer can use these fields as ideas for their program.

Below are my two main functions I’ve created call (get a value or update a value).

Grabbing a value from the “Config” Database

For example this function will return the value of a specific query for example


 Public Function Lg_Get_config(ByVal field As String) As String

        Dim sqlConnection35 As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(My.Settings.InsteonConnectionString)
        Dim cmd35 As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand

        Dim Reader As SqlClient.SqlDataReader
        cmd35.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Config where config= '" + field.ToLower.Trim + "'"
        cmd35.Connection = sqlConnection35

        Do While sqlConnection35.State <> ConnectionState.Open

        Reader = cmd35.ExecuteReader()

        ' --------- check for data, if not return 'FALSE' AND leave function
        If Reader.HasRows = False Then
            Lg_Get_config = False
            Exit Function
        End If

'---------- return the value and close all connections and exit.
        Lg_Get_config = Reader.Item("value")

    End Function

Setting a value in the “Config” Database

The next example updates a field, and is very similar just that it uses the SQL update command

For example lets say I want to update the “wake_up_time” to something else

lg_set_config("wake_up_time","9:00:00 AM")

    Public Function Lg_Set_config(ByVal field As String, ByVal value As String) As Boolean

        '------------- SETUP CONNECTION
        Dim sqlConnection4 As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(My.Settings.InsteonConnectionString)
        Dim cmd4 As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
        cmd4.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text
        cmd4.Connection = sqlConnection4

        '------ The Update Command to modify the field
        cmd4.CommandText = "UPDATE Config SET Value= '" + value + "' WHERE config='" + field.Trim.ToLower + "'"

        '--------- Since we are not getting anything in return this is a NonQuery Executre
        Lg_Set_config = True
        Update_TimeStamp()  ' - I update the TimeStamp Value so anytime its queried they know is been updated.

    End Function

Data Dictionary The “Config” Database

marker – Int field
config – nvarchar(128)
value – nvarchar(255)
description – nvarchar(255)

* marker field is my primary key, this is also set to “Identity Specification” which means it will autopopulate with a incremental value, so no record is the same, example (1,2,3,4,5,6 etc)

Below is a dump of all my fields and a quick explanation of what they represent.  Descriptions starting with RST are the ones that are updated by the system automatically. For example if I turn on the outside lights, I update the field at that moment to say it has been turned on.

outdoor_turn_off_time 10:32 PM When will all outdoor lights will turn off

outdoor_turnedon Y RST, If outdoor lights are on?
extractor_girls N RST, If the extractor is on or off
extractor_girls_time 10 In Minutes, Timeout for the girls extractor
timer_randomlights N If the random lights are on
random_lights_min 10 Random lights timer in minutes
time_after_sunset_to_turn_on 12 Time in minutes after sunset the lights outside will turn on
temperature 75% RST, Current temperature
temperature_last_read 6:40:29 AM RST, When was the temperature last read
temperature_text Mostly Cloudy RST, Text from NOAA.GOV
temperature_image RST, Local image
SunRise 6:59:52 AM RST, SunRise in time
SunSet 7:56:07 PM RST, SunSet in Time
Outdoor_turn_on_time 8:08:07 PM RST from program, Outdoor turn on time
fan_off_low 15 Turn off Fan Threshold
fan_on_high 88 Turn on fan Threshold
voicemails N RST,If Voicemails are present?
master_closet_timer 3 Master Closet Timer in Minutes
master_closet N RST,Master Closet is on?
alarm_clock_status ON Mine, Turn on Alarm clock, M-F
poll_devices_interval 525 Minutes to poll each device
poll_devices_next_poll 8/23/2008 15:28 RST, Next time to poll
master_closet_turn_off_time 8/22/2008 22:39 RST, Master Closet
extractor_girls_turn_off_time 8/22/2008 21:46 RST,Girls Turn off Extractor time
Entrance_turnedon N RST, Is entrance on?
entrace_turn_on_time 8:01:07 PM RST, What time to turn entrance on
time_after_sunset_entrance_turn_on 5 Time to turn on Entrace after SunSet in Minutes
house_state NIGHT House State (E,O,I)
wake_up_time 6:15:00 AM Master Wake up time, M-F only
time_after_sunrise_to_turn_off 10 Time after SunRise to turn off Nook (Sat and sun Only)
incomming_call N CallerID Found? – No Longer Used
incomming_stamp 8/22/2008 17:29 RST, TimeStamp to clear call (No longer used)
incomming_name Luis Garcia RST, Caller ID
incomming_image luis.png RST, Imaged pulled from Contacts DB
incomming_date 8/22/2008 17:29 RST, Incomming Time
incomming_number xxxxxxxxxx RST, Incomming Number
entrance_turn_off_pre -5 Time in minutes before turn off time to turn off the entrance only
entrance_turn_off_pre_time 10:27:00 PM From program result of entracne_Trun_off_pre
motion_hallway N Motion is detected in hallway
extractor_master N If the extractor is on or off
extractor_master_time 10 Timeout for Extrator Master
extractor_master_turn_off_time 8/23/2008 6:18 RST,Master Turn off Extractor time
sensor_hallway N IF Hallway Sensor is on
sensor_hallway_time 6 Timeout Hallway
sensor_hallway_turn_off_time 8/23/2008 6:14 Hallway Timeout
sensor_hallway_bypass N Set to N if normal and Y to ignoreTimer
sensor_entrance_last_seen 8/23/2008 2:48 RST, Last time movement was detected
sensor_entrance_rescan_timeout 3 Minutes before the entrance sends out another signal
sensor_entrance_bypass Y If sensor entrance is bypassed (Y)=dont check (N)=yes check
sensor_master_closet_bypass N If sensor master is bypassed (Y)=dont check (N)=yes check
sensor_hallway_last_seen 8/23/2008 6:08 RST, Last time movement was detected
sensor_master_bathroom_last_seen 8/23/2008 6:09 RST,Last time movement was detected in master batrhoom
sensor_den_last_seen 8/22/2008 23:05 RST,Last time movement was detected in DEN
sensor_garage_last_seen 8/22/2008 20:59 RST,Last time movement was detected in Garage
sensor_hallway_start_time 6:00:00 PM Time that the Sensor will kick in. Usually set 3pm since its day time it wont turn on
sensor_garage_door_state CLOSED Garage door if open
temperature_last_read_wdw 6:40:29 AM Last time temperature was read for WDW
sensor_outside_bathroom_last_seen 8/23/2008 0:25 RST,Last time movement was detected in master batrhoom
sensor_outside_bathroom_timeout 25 Outside bathroom timeout
sensor_outsidebathroom_enabled Y RST, Enabled or not?
music_playing_status N RST, Is Radio Music Playing
sensor_garage_door_state_last 8/22/2008 20:58 RST, Last time Garage was open or closed
sensor_garage_door_timer 6/23/2008 20:48 RST, Time is has been opened
decorations_status OFF Status of all decorations
sensor_den_timer 8/22/2008 23:10 RST, Time the Den will turn off it no movement
sensor_den_timer_timeout 5 Minutes, Den will turn off after no activity
sensor_master_closet_last_seen 8/22/2008 22:36 RST, MasterCloset Last Seen
decorations_on 7:58:07 PM Time Decorations turn on
decorations_off 10:45:00 PM Time Decorations turn off
decorations_after_sunset_on 2 Decorations turn on after sunset
speakers_status OFF RST, if speakers are on
coffee_machine_status TRUE CoffeeMachine timer if on or OFF
coffee_machine_timer 6:20:00 AM CoffeeMachine OnTime
sensor_laundry_last_seen 8/22/2008 21:30 RSt, LAST seen activity in Laundry
sensor_laundry_timeout 3 Minutes before laundry turns off
sensor_laundry_timer 8/22/2008 21:33 RST, When will it turn off
kelly_alarm_on 6:15:00 AM Kelly On_Time
kelly_alarm_status ON IF Kellys alarm is on or off
barbie_alarm_on 7:01:00 AM Barbie OnTime
barbie_alarm_status ON Barbie on-time
back_house_lights_on 9:00:00 PM When will the backlights turn on
back_house_lights_off 9:30:00 PM When will the backlights turn off
guilda_alarm_on 6:15:00 AM Guildas Light will turn on
guilda_alarm_status ON Guildas Alarm status
kelly_alarm_song S:\Mp3\Hanna Montana6 – I Got Nerve.mp3 Kelly AlarmSong
barbie_alarm_song S:\Mp3\Abba\(1994) Thank You For The Music\Disc 1\21 – Abba – My Love, My Life.mp3 Kelly AlarmSong
kelly_artist_songs1 hanna mon Kelly selected artist for Alarm
kelly_artist_songs2 vanessa Kelly selected artist for Alarm
kelly_artist_songs3 ashley tins Kelly selected artist for Alarm
barbie_artist_songs1 cascada Barbie Selected artist for Alarm
barbie_artist_songs2 Abba Barbie Selected artist for Alarm
barbie_artist_songs3 Rick Springfield Barbie Selected artist for Alarm
kelly_alarm_song_title Hanna Montana – I Got Nerve Last song Played
barbie_alarm_song_title ABBA – My Love, My Life Last song Played

One of the questions ive been asked is how to I put my flash script to grab data from the SQL database and provide updates if the device is on or off etc.

Well the awnser is, I dont. Like mentioned before to have your flash talk directly to a sql database you will need additional components which I dont want to install $$$, such as cold fusion or some advanced Flash stuff.  Again I want speed and functionality, especially if its only for a few users.

So what I did was use a internal web server which is installed with VB 2008, to do all the talking for me, more like a middle man.  for example my flash program talks to this web page using the ‘load’ function which sends data using the POST commands (example and the code runs and returns the values needed in a specific variable in this case ‘VALUE’. you can also use the LoadVariables command which explain that in this article.

Flash:Loading Variables from files into Flash

So here is a high level of what is being done in the background.

All all times the Insteon Server is updating the SQL Server with the status of the devices as they are turned on or off, so we dont need to connect there. Also note that the Local .net, SQL database and insteon server are all on the same box!

For example lets say I want to pull the status of device #14. (Fan in master bedroom)  This is what I would do from the Flash Program

Example in FLASH CLIENT;

Prepare: In Flash you will need to create a empty movie clip called ‘fan_master’.  Also have images already in your webpage in the location mentioned below. I call it right of the same page you can use your local library if you like.

Here are my images I use in my Flash program,  you may use them if you like (Just right click on them and use SAVE AS)



Off Button (small_button_on.png)

On Button (small_button_off.png)

In my actionScript, I would put on one of the frames;

var mfan:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
    mfan.onLoad = function() {

//------ Here I check the return value that is returned back as 'value' if its is ON then replace the fan_master 'movie' to the bulb on image
          if (mfan.value=="ON"){
            loadMovie("", fan_master);
        } else {
            loadMovie("", fan_master);
//---------------- do the actual opening of the webpage and pass the variable IN and the device im asking for


A description of my Devices Database is found here

‘————————— VB 2008 / WEBPAGE filename finddata.aspx

On my Server side I would grab the value on “IN” using the

 Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
      '------- Device will hold the value of in 'IN' which is #14
      device = Context.Request.Params("IN")
      value = Lg_Get_Device_Status(device)
      Response.Write("value=" + value)
 End Sub

This will return to my program the following text
“value=ON” or “value=OFF”

‘——– Function to grab the device data by the device #

    Public Function Lg_Get_Device_Status(ByVal Marker As String) As String

        Dim sqlConnection10 As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(ConnectionSTring) ' Set your connectionstring accordingly.
        Dim Cmd10 As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand

        '-------- We'll use the SqlDataReader to get the values of the table 
        Dim Reader As SqlClient.SqlDataReader

        Cmd10.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Devices where Marker= '" + Marker + "'"
        Cmd10.Connection = sqlConnection10
        Reader = Cmd10.ExecuteReader()

        ' check for data, if not return 'FALSE'
        If Reader.HasRows = False Then
            Lg_Get_Device_Status = False
            Exit Function
        End If
        Lg_Get_Device_Status = Reader.Item("status")

    End Function

And there you have it, I do use the same file (finddata.aspx) for other stuff and you can easily query what is being passed and eventually act on it like this,

For example if I pass(showall=1) it would run another function, but that is another article.

        '------------------- SHOW ALL DEVICES
        If Context.Request.Params("showall") <> "" Then Show_insteon_devices() : Exit Sub

        '------------------- SHOW ALL DEVICES by MAC address
        If Context.Request.Params("showmacs") <> "" Then Show_insteon_devices_mac() : Exit Sub

        '------------------- SHOW ALL CONFIGS
        If Context.Request.Params("show_all_configs") <> "" Then Show_all_configs() : Exit Sub

Here’s a little thing we recently got, its a night light / flashlight.  Best part Flash light lights up when the power goes out also a big plus is the device uses LED’s.

Since its LED technology, the little sucker will run upto 8 hours ON, and up to 28 hours on Standby. And even water resistant.  I got this off smarthome for $ 24 and worth ever dollar.

Here are some more images of mine.

Yep, its over, sadly Smart-home has decided to close their auction site?.  They claim they weren’t giving the correct buying experience.

I guess it was that they noticed they could be making more $$ for the devices via other outlets, or maybe resellers not being able to compete?

Many of their auctions started at $14. And in my case I never paid more for a Icon devices $20. (OK I admit maybe once or twice).  But now its either off their site which start at $34 and in Fee-Bay you have to keep your eye open Ive got my eye on one, I guess I will pay around $25 plus shipping, and you know how that is you don’t get the warranty as right off the site 😦

Oh well at least I was able to milk the cow for a couple of months and 90% of the devices I have.  Really what i am missing is two night lights switch (Icon’s) , (3)-inline fan relays (on/off only) and a regular switch for the laundry room since everyone was the Cat faceplate so im stuck paying that one at full price anyway.    So im not that far back.

It was good while it lasted…

so long my friend.. so long….